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General Manager, Chief Engineer, Research Lead, Senior Manager, Department Manager, Deputy Manager, Supervisor, Senior Engineer, Senior Specialist From...

  • Manufacturing;
  • Advanced Technology;
  • Advanced Technology Research;
  • Body Manufacturing Strategy;
  • Architecture;
  • Advanced Product Creation;
  • Advanced Engineering;
  • Manufacturing Research And Innovation;
  • Manufacturing Strategies and Planning;
  • Assembly;
  • Composite Manufacturing;
  • Lightweight Technology;
  • Forming;
  • Joining;
  • Stamping;
  • Bonding;
  • Assembly Processes;
  • Fastening;
  • Weight Engineering;
  • Body-in-White;
  • Repair.

Plus Industry Stakeholders From...

  • Welding Suppliers
  • Joining Service Providers
  • Forming Specialists
  • Adhesive And Coating Suppliers
  • Fastening Suppliers (SPRs)
  • Experts In High Pressure Die Casting
  • Composites Processors
  • Market Analysts And Consultants
  • Technologists In RTM
  • Equipment And Machinery Manufacturers
  • Waste Management Facilitators
  • Technical Leaders In Superformed Components
  • Academics And Researchers In Joining & Forming Methods
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation Solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing For Vehicle Components/Dmls
  • Assembly Process Automation
  • Carbon Fiber Producers
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers


Returning to the UK for its 4th edition with a new line-up of exciting speakers featuring leading automotive and aerospace OEMs.

The Joining, Forming & Manufacturing Technologies Summit brings together new & exciting leading OEM presenters to showcase the latest developments in the joining and forming of lightweight materials: Steel, Composites and Aluminium

The event is intended for OEMS and suppliers working in the automotive lightweight industry to showcase joining and forming technology innovations and manufacturing process improvements, and will address the complex challenges in both innovative and tested methods across lightweight automotive joining & forming, through a number of exclusive European OEM case studies.

Delivering to both technical and strategic levels, this year's programme offers an unique insight into peer-led learning opportunities for OEMs to identify solutions to current lightweighting needs and discover the future potential of lightweight manufacturing technologies.

This exclusive 2-day event will enable manufacturing experts to answer which manufacturing techniques' performance is most suited for dissimilar material joining, and address important challenges such as:

➢ How to upgrade current joining technology to improve multi-material joining without large scale manufacturing overhaul

➢ What improvements are required to existing joining techniques and whether there are side effects

➢ How to leverage cost effective multi material applications with improved manufacturing processes

➢ How to check the validity of existing joining techniques to ensure optimised quality and performance

➢ What the available new cost effective methods are in multi-material joining

➢ Understand the modeling and simulation of welding and adhesive joining to enhance prediction and reduce the number of prototype testing.

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See OEM Case Studies And Technical Presentations On:

Application Of Joining Technologies That Are Available Now To Develop Light Weight Body Structures More Efficiently

Aluminium & Steel Joining Technologies For Metals And Composites

Adhesive Bonding Technologies For Multi-Material Combinations

Corrosion Prevention When Joining Dissimilar Materials

Efficient Spot Welding Technologies To Improve Manufacturing Efficiency And Reduce Cost

Simulation Of Joints To Test For Structural Reliability And Safety

Manufacturing Perspectives On Joining Carbon Fibre Composites

Evaluation Of Hot vs. Cold Stamping Technology

Latest Information On Casting For Mitigation Of Shear And Cracking

Mechanical Design and Capability Acquisition Challenges In Composite Materials


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