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  • Manufacturing;
  • Advanced Technology;
  • Advanced Technology Research;
  • Body Manufacturing Strategy;
  • Architecture;
  • Advanced Product Creation;
  • Advanced Engineering;
  • Manufacturing Research And Innovation;
  • Manufacturing Strategies and Planning;
  • Assembly;
  • Composite Manufacturing;
  • Lightweight Technology;
  • Forming;
  • Joining;
  • Stamping;
  • Bonding;
  • Assembly Processes;
  • Fastening;
  • Weight Engineering;
  • Body-in-White;
  • Repair.

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  • Welding Suppliers
  • Joining Service Providers
  • Forming Specialists
  • Adhesive And Coating Suppliers
  • Fastening Suppliers (SPRs)
  • Experts In High Pressure Die Casting
  • Composites Processors
  • Market Analysts And Consultants
  • Technologists In RTM
  • Equipment And Machinery Manufacturers
  • Waste Management Facilitators
  • Technical Leaders In Superformed Components
  • Academics And Researchers In Joining & Forming Methods
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation Solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing For Vehicle Components/Dmls
  • Assembly Process Automation
  • Carbon Fiber Producers
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers


DAY 1 - 29th November 2017

Identifying The Optimal Joining Technology And Methodology For Specific Light Weight Material Combinations Including Aluminium, Steel And Composites

09:00 Chair Opening Remarks



09:10 Application Of New Technologies For Efficiently Joining Steel, Aluminium & Composite Body Structures: What Are The Leading Edge Technologies Available Now And In The Future?

  • Evaluation of joining technologies that are available now
  • Update on future and emerging technologies that are near to commercialisation: what are the key development timelines?
  • Assessment of manufacturing advantages and body structure benefits 
  • Reinventing how to approach existing technology to deliver cost savings and manufacturing benefits
Joining Focus: <Mild Steel><Boron Steel><UHSS><Al 5000><Al 6000><Composites>

Panelist: Chris Staunton, Head Of Body Structures, Emerald Automotive

Focus A - Welding Innovations

Delegates will benefit from practical case studies and technologies for mix-material welding solutions to discover innovative application techniques and upgrade structural integrity



10:00 Understanding Advances In Resistance Spot Welding To Improve The Quality Of Joint Between UHSS Components And Regular Steel Body In White

  • Examining spot weld parameters of UHSS to regular steel BIW
  • Understanding best practices for mitigating cracking and heat affected zones associated with resistance spot welding
  • Discover how to improve the vehicle exterior visibility following a spot weld application
Joining Focus: <Mild Steel><Boron Steel><UHSS>

Chris Wherritt, Joining Specialist, BMW (UK) Manufacturing

10:30 Question and Answer Session

10:40 Networking Break In Exhibition Showcase Area


11:10 Analysis Of Spot Welding vs. Laser Welding: Understanding Performance And Integrity Of Overall Vehicle Structure

  • Understanding gaps in performance of laser weld joints in comparison to spot weld joints
  • Discover whether there are any side effects following the application of laser welding
  • What are the additional costs associated with manufacturing using laser welding?
  • How does laser welding affect overall design process of the vehicle?
Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000><UHSS><Composites>

Dr. Yves Marcel Omboko, Production Planner, Volkswagen AG

11:40 Question and Answer Session



11:50 Solutions To Overcome Joining Challenges By Leveraging Advances In Industrial Fiber Lasers.

  • Aluminium welding solutions for BIW 5xxx and 6xxx alloys
  • Advances in industrial laser beam delivery that enable new materials for lightweighting
  • Remote welding, seam welding, roof welding and battery welding examples.
Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000>

Mark Thompson, UK General Manager, IPG Photonics (UK) Ltd

12:20 Question and Answer Session

12:30 Networking Lunch in Exhibition Showcase Area


13.30 Discover Resistance Spot Welding Simulation Technologies To Reduce Number Of Physical Tests

  • Assess simulation software available for both mechanical joining and spot welding technology
  • Understand the impact loads of weld joints can withstand and how much of the load can it hold without complete separation
  • Discover the fatigue life span for spot weld joints
  • Understand the weldability for new materials (e.g. AHSS) and discover optimum combination of materials and sheet thickness
Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000><UHSS><AHSS><Boron>

13:40 Question and Answer Session

Focus B - Adhesive Bonding Innovations

Delegates will benefit from analysis and evaluations of existing adhesive bonding technology focusing on: Preparation, Strength & Durability, Corrosion mitigation and Simulation


13:50 Reducing The Level Of Adhesive Preparing Time To Optimize Curing Time Of The Glue Without Compromising The Performance Of the Joint

  • Discover what are the adhesive process parameters for achieving high bonding strength
  • Determine what adhesive technology is current available to reduce the process of pre-treatment for low surface energy materials such as plastic
  • Learn how to address the issue of gap forming during adhesive process to enhance the quality of adhesive bonding joints.

Dr Hamed Nezhad, Lecturer in Composite Engineering,Cranfield University

Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000><UHSS><AHSS><Carbon Fiber> <Glass Fiber><Plastics>

14:20 Question and Answer Session


14:30 Best Practice For Adhesive Joining Techniques and In-Process Monitoring From The Aerospace Industry

  • Learn adhesive application techniques for an aerospace structure
  • Evaluate adhesive joining method in aerospace engineering and how it can be adapted for the vehicle manufacturing industry
  • Practical test examples of adhesive joints in a high temperature stress environment 
Joining Focus: <Al><UHSS><AHSS><Mg><Composites>

Dr Jana Haag, Material and Processes Technical Lead, Airbus Defense And Space

Franz Engel, Managing Director, InFactory Solutions GmbH

15:00 Question and Answer Session

15:10 Networking Break In Exhibition Showcase Area


15:40 Solutions To Address Galvanic Corrosion To Enhance The Life Cycle Of Adhesive Bonding Joints

  • Assess the adhesive bonding between two dissimilar materials: Steel and Aluminum
  • Discussing latest EU regulation for environmental friendly corrosion mitigation solutions
  • Learn how to avoid water properties from entering adhesive bonding joints during application
  • Understand the importance of electro-coating of components prior to adhesive bonding to avoid corrosion in the joints
  • Learn the schemes of preventing galvanic corrosion when joining two or three dissimilar materials
  • Recognise how to avoid contact corrosion when joining separate different metals such as steel, aluminium & magnesium

Panelist: Florent Larrosa, Senior Engineer, Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH

Panelist: Matteo Matteucci, Specialist Mechanical Engineering, Alfa Romero

Panelist: Dr. Jana Haag, Material & Processes Technical Lead, Airbus Defense And Space

Panelist: Luca Cornero, R&D Product Development Engineer,FCA Italy

Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000><UHSS><AHSS><Mg> <Glass Fiber><Plastics>

16:10 Question and Answer Session



16:20 Learn The Current Challenges And Discover Requirements For Future Adhesive Bonding Joints

  • Understand the robustness of the adhesive bonding joint for dissimilar materials: Composites, Thermoplastics, Metallic & Carbon Fiber
  • How to increase production rate of adhesive bonding joints in a manufacturing process line
  • Discover semi-permanent adhesive bonding technology for component replacements for the benefit of aftermarket repairs of vehicle
Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000><UHSS><AHSS><Carbon Fiber> <Glass Fiber><Plastics>

Luca Cornero, R&D Product Development Engineer, FCA Italy

17:00 Question and Answer Session



17:10 Addressing Complex Challenges And Predicting Future Development Of Modeling Adhesive Joints

  • What are the steps to successfully model a mixed-material joint using adhesive
  • Understanding industry best practice for application of adhesive bonding to create a simulation model
  • How to accurately simulate adhesive bonding strength in a simulation
  • Evaluate the modeling of composites to metallic materials
Joining Focus: <Al 5000><Al 6000><Carbon Fiber> <Glass Fiber><Plastics>

17:40 Question and Answer Session

17:50 - 18:50 Networking Drinks Reception in Exhibition Area


DAY 2 - 30th November 2017

Understand Innovative Mechanical Joining Techniques & Assess Lightweight Forming Techniques To Reduce Production Costs And Eliminate Manufacturing Variability

09:00 Chair Opening Remarks


09:10 Strategies For Optimising Manufacturing Assembly Line Efficiencies To Accommodate New Joining And Forming Techniques 

  • Assessing what are the challenges in the "gap" between design stage and production stage of a manufacturing assembly line
  • How to validate the quality of the lightweight components before going into production
  • What methods are available to reduce process time for equipment and tooling design of vehicle

Panelist: Dr. Yves Omboko, Production Planner,Volkswagen AG

Panelist: Ucee Ukagha, BIW Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Jaguar LandRover

09:40 Question and Answer Session

Focus C -Mechanical Joining

Delegates will have the advantage of innovative mechanical joining case studies to benchmark their current progress and discover methods for new lightweight material combinations


09:50 Improve Mechanical Joining For Casting & Extrusion Steel To Reduce Production Costs And Improve Performances

  • Examine the performance and durability of the mechanical joint
  • Cross benefit analysis of mechanical joints against spot welding and adhesive joining
  • Understand different types of rivets and their geometries to achieve consistent, high performing joints
Joining Focus: <Mild Steel><AHSS><UHSS>

Matteo Matteucci, Specialist Mechanical Engineering, Alfa Romero

10:20 Question and Answer Session

10:30 Networking Break In Exhibition Showcase Area


11:00 Lessons From Aerospace: Evaluation Of Fracture Mechanics Properties Of Structural Adhesives, Joining Metallic Materials To Composite Structures

  • Original hybrid design for the tested specimens
  • Evaluation of the critical energy release rate before cracking on these specimens
  • How to determine the endurance of the joint in fatigue solicitations
  • Water resistance of the bonding in dynamic solicitations
Joining Focus: <Steel><Glass fibre><Thermosets><Epoxy>

Georges Zambelis, Stress Analysis Engineer, Airbus Helicopters France

11:30 Question and Answer Session

Focus D -Manufacturing Components

Case studies and panel discussions will examine composite, steel and aluminum current industry challenges and discover solutions aiming at manufacturing costs, efficiency and long-term practicality


11:40 Composite Materials Foot Print In A Gas Turbine Engine

  • Use of composite materials in cold & hot end applications
  • Ceramic matrix composite applications
  • Mechanical Design and Capability Acquisition Challenges
  • Export control considerations
Material Focus: <Carbon Fiber> <Glass Fiber><Plastics><Thermoplastics>

Tulsi Ezhilan, Principal Technologist, Rolls Royce

12:10 Question and Answer Session

12:20 Networking Lunch In Exhibition Showcase Area


13:20 Evaluate The Pros And Cons Of Hot And Cold Stamping Of Sheet Metal For Improved Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Assess the overlapping areas between the two types of steel forming
  • Understand the challenges relating to hot forming steel with zinc based coating
  • Discover how to process a reduction in gradient on hot forming steel from 2.5 millimeters gradient to 1.5 millimeters gradient
  • Understand the challenges of cold forming steel and discover solutions to changes in geometry
Material Focus: <Mild Steel><UHSS><AHSS>

13:50 Question and Answer Session



14:00 New Casting Technology To Reduce Cost And Variability Of Manufacturing Process

  • How to reduce costs in casting of high strength steel whilst retaining the quality and performance of the component
  • Discover joining technology for casting steel whilst avoiding shear and crack resulting from the brittle nature of the material
  • Improve the consistency and robustness of the overall production
Material Focus: <Mild Steel><UHSS><AHSS>

14:30 Question and Answer Session

14:40 Networking Break In Exhibition Showcase Area

Focus E - Future Manufacturing Technology

Stepping into the future, 3D manufacturing and blind riveting will be important towards manufacturing production of lightweight vehicle. Delegates will benefit from current trends and availability of these technologies


15:10 The Effect Of Riveting Parameters And Material Orientation On The Mechanical Performance Of Dissimilar Blind Riveted Joints

  • The presentation highlights how the mechanical properties of blind riveted joints are influenced by both material and geometric factors
  • A better understanding of how to maximise rivet performance by parameter selection is given
  • In joints between materials of significantly differing mechanical properties, the influence of material orientation on joint strength was demonstrated
Material Focus: <Mild Steel><UHSS><AHSS><Al><Mg>

Andre Oliveria, Researcher,Brunel University

15:40 Question and Answer Session



15:50 Discover How 3D PRINTING Is Advancing In Automotive To Reduce The Number Of Actual Components Required For A Vehicle

  • Assess the latest trends and technology in additive manufacturing
  • Discover current technology for additive manufacturing
  • Understand whether 3D printing has the ability for production of composite and metallic materials for lightweight strategy
Material Focus: <Al5000><Al6000><Mg><Carbon Fiber><Thermoplastics><Glass Fiber><Plastics>

16:20 Question and Answer Session

16:30 Chair Closing Remarks + Apple TV Prize Draw

End Of Summit

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