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Dr Jana Haag

Material and Process Technical Lead

Airbus Aerospace and Defence

Dr. Jana Haag started her carrier in the aerospace industry at Airbus Helicopters as a chemistry student evaluating different pre-treatment methods for coating steel parts with MoS2 lubricant. This was a great start for her career in the surface technologies. In her diploma thesis she continued her work in surface engineering. Dr Jana Haag investigated and implemented a new REACh-compliant chromate-free anodizing process for aluminum alloys for structural bonding. During the PhD at the central research department of Airbus Group, she was able to deepen her knowledge of surface technology as well as the associated processes and materials. Her work area included the assessment and understanding of innovative, environmentally friendly surface pre-treatment processes for structural bonding of titanium alloys as well as carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

Currently, Dr. Jana Haag is working for Airbus Defence & Space in the Materials & Processes department. Her main topic is the substitution for the state-of-the-art Cr-VI-based products for coatings and surface pre-treatments to ensure corrosion protection of aluminium alloys to ensure compliance with the European REACH Regulation.

Jana Haag_Airbus
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