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General Manager, Chief Engineer, Research Lead, Senior Manager, Department Manager, Deputy Manager, Supervisor, Senior Engineer, Senior Specialist From...

  • Manufacturing;
  • Advanced Technology;
  • Advanced Technology Research;
  • Body Manufacturing Strategy;
  • Architecture;
  • Advanced Product Creation;
  • Advanced Engineering;
  • Manufacturing Research And Innovation;
  • Manufacturing Strategies and Planning;
  • Assembly;
  • Composite Manufacturing;
  • Lightweight Technology;
  • Forming;
  • Joining;
  • Stamping;
  • Bonding;
  • Assembly Processes;
  • Fastening;
  • Weight Engineering;
  • Body-in-White;
  • Repair.

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  • Welding Suppliers
  • Joining Service Providers
  • Forming Specialists
  • Adhesive And Coating Suppliers
  • Fastening Suppliers (SPRs)
  • Experts In High Pressure Die Casting
  • Composites Processors
  • Market Analysts And Consultants
  • Technologists In RTM
  • Equipment And Machinery Manufacturers
  • Waste Management Facilitators
  • Technical Leaders In Superformed Components
  • Academics And Researchers In Joining & Forming Methods
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation Solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing For Vehicle Components/Dmls
  • Assembly Process Automation
  • Carbon Fiber Producers
  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Suppliers


Ensuring global productivity

We are a system integrator of state-of-the-art automated welding machines. We are all about high levels of expertise and have been employing that expertise for more than 50 years. Our creative machine concepts provide important contributions to effectiveness, reliability, ergonomics, machine intelligence and safety.

Who we are

Today we are a privately-owned company, with over 500 employees worldwide. AWL is seen as one of the leading machine builders and system integrators of laser-, arc- and resistant welding. We focus on both the automotive and general industry where high production volumes and high levels of automation are essential.

Where to find us

With facilities in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and the USA, we are able to support our customers anywhere in the world. Together we provide our customers with high-end automated welding equipment and production lines. In addition to welding, other technologies are increasingly added, such as adhesive bonding, logistics & handling, vision and quality control. All disciplines are represented within the organization.

High levels of expertise

Even though market trends keep shifting, we maintain a leadership position through innovation and R&D. We continuously strive to increase our levels of experience and expertise in all parts of the company. We invest more than 5% of our turn-over on R&D and adapt new technologies early on. Our R&D department cooperates closely with customers, institutes, universities and suppliers. This enables us to research and implement high-end technologies, application expertise and machine-integration knowledge.

From concept to commissioning

We have a clear strategy. We do not only ensure that the machine and the fixtures are of excellent quality. We also take responsibility for the entire process, from concept to detail engineering and from building the machine, right through to commissioning on your premises.

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Efficient Spot Welding Technologies To Improve Manufacturing Efficiency And Reduce Cost

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